Just because it's the end of the beginning Doesn't mean it's the beginning of the end
"I was abadoned by my mother at a young age. My father was never around.

So I spent a lot of time alone, playing with teddy bears, talking to them, feeding them, and caring for them. I was fully drowned in this fantasy world... teachers thought I was autistic and/or retarded.

I remember sitting with my teddy bears, talking to them. ... I used to feed them, I'd say "Hows the sphagetti?" "Is good?" (I Broke up audio tapes and use the insides as the sphagetti). I believed that teddy bears were my friends, the only ones in this world that loved me... I remember one time, I really heard blue bear say "I love you",... I was so happy, I smiled and cheered and said "I love you too blue bear!". but then I realized the TV was on... oh, it didn't come from blue bear. So I looked at my bears, hugged them all. And cried to sleep..."

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